Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Crowdfunding the Rygo

The aim of this project is to 3D print the Rygo with a DShape and install it outside of Gropp's Gallery in Vancouver. After some consolation with artist Bathsheba Grossman and Enrico Dini (inventor of the DShape), we decided to go with the Rygo. Now I am putting together a group of like-minded people to make a video to promote the project and decide what rewards would work best.

The video will have to be short (2 minutes or less), explaining what we are making, how we are making it and what people will get back in return.

What people will get back in return is a mix of access to the project, actual 3D prints (some printed by an ordinary printer, others by a DShape). The smallest will be things like thank you notes or internet control of the internal light of the sculpture (you can view via webcam). Low mid-range will be prints by our partner Buildatron. High mid-range rewards will be 3D prints of the Rygo. High-range rewards will be small prints by the DShape.

Contributions by donors will go towards the printing costs (about 3000 Euros per cubic meter), shipping costs (between 300-600 dollars per cubic meter or ton, which ever is highest), smoothing, finishing and installation (2,000 dollars).

We hope to get this project on Kickstarter or IndieGoGo by mid-January 2012 for 60 days.

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  1. Very cool idea! Feel free to also consider in the mix! We'd love to host you!